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How To Apply For Duplicate Pancard Online Official Website- Form, Correction, Download

If you are one of those who suffers, "I lost my pan card how to get the duplicate online" or searching for duplicate pan card online official website then this post comes with the solution. Check duplicate pan card form download and pan card correction online. All the things you need to know described in this post.

As there are some complications or troubles, it is but obvious that they all are meant to have solutions. So stay calm and no need to panic more if you have lost your PAN card, damaged or theft because you have some options to get Duplicate PAN card.

PAN card is necessary for daily use if you are dealing with huge transactions or business purposes and even salary purposes. Hence Duplicate PAN card is the system that has been implemented by government and helped people out there.

Whether any category I.e. Individual/Trusts/HUF’s, you can apply for Duplicate PAN card or reprint it, if lost or damaged; follow the simple steps and guide mentioned below. 

If you are PAN card holder only then you are eligible to apply for this and majorly you have to provide the reason for reprinting. In such conditions, there is no change in the card number, but if any alteration provided it may change.

1. https://www.tin–

Offline Procedure for Duplicate PAN Card for  is as follows:

First and foremost step is to Log in to the official page of TIN-NSDL and move on to Reprint option of PAN card.

Depending on Individual, trust or HUF; you have to choose the “apply” option for replacing or duplicate PAN card.

  • There will be a page that asks for detailed information about Permanent Account Number, address, name, contact number etc. Do not click on the button that is on left-hand side that appears on the form.

  • If you are applying for duplicate, you have to submit some legal documents like id proof, the birth of date proof and photographs. Suppose you want to reprint then you have to input the card number of your current account.

  • For replacing, you have to pay some amount and that too depends on the communication area and the place where it is to be delivered that charges 179 Rs and if it is for out of India it has 989 Rs charges. As per your wish, you can process out the payment by net banking, debit or credit card or demand drafts.

  • As and when all the documents are submitted and verified, a confirmation letter or call will be provided. This contains 15 digits unique number that will be required for any future agreements with the authorities.

  • You will hence receive the post after or around 2 weeks.

Online Steps for Duplicate PAN card tin-nsdl Application Form:

  • Click on, you will have the page that contains many options and click on to Apply Online.

  • Secondly, you will find multiple options, here you have to choose the “Application Type” and select the third option that holds the choice of “Change or Correction in Existing PAN Date/Print of PAN card.

Apply online for duplicate PAN
  • Depending on company or individuals, you have to select the relevant option of “Category”.
Select category from the given category
  • Thereafter the applicant has to input the required details. Foremost the ‘Title’.

  • Add your Last name, Middle name and so on the other info that is mandatory.
  • Mention the details about your Date of birth, month and year respectively.
  • At last, you have to submit your contact number and email address whether it is of India or outside the country.

Add a primary detail

  • The last but not the least, you have to check all the details and enter the captcha image. Submit the info and hence the work is completed.

  • You will get the option of payment. Click on it and move on the further process.

PAN application confirm
  • Suppose you miss out the payment or due to some reason the payment process does not get complete, you may return back and repeat the same procedure.

  • If you get completed with the payment, navigate to the save and print option.
Make Payment by two different way

  • Scan two photos and submit it to the form and the signature of the applicant is need to be done in the box.

  • Attach the mentioned documents and post to the NSDL e-govt Site.

Important Note:  If you choose the option of Digital Signature certificate, you have to scan all the documents and photo and submit it. Check all the documents that are needed and give as per requirement, because you may face errors if it is not done so.

For Online Duplicate PAN card via utiitsl:

There are some easy steps, that you can complete it within the small duration of time. As India is now diverting towards Digital options, you are getting more easy ways that can be accomplished by your own way rather than scraping your shoes at the various offices. 

Follow the given step with images that will fulfill your doubts and get clear ideas to login and another process.

1. Firstly Log in over PAN Online Application Form.

2. There will be multiple options, here you have to click on Status of applicant box. According to your requirement click on the right option. Eg: Individual, Trust or company etc.

Add a applicant's category

3. Add the information of Date of Birth, gender, and other details respectively.

Write PAN and personal detail

4. Now you come up to adding the info of contact number and address.

write a Address

5. Select the choice of a document that you are going to submit over to them that holds DOB information, Address proof and identity proof.

A Proof document

6. For the verification, you have to SUBMIT the given data and navigate to “MAKE PAYMENT” option.

Make payment online

7. As per your wish choose the option of Net banking or Demand Draft.

Other further steps are similar to as that are mentioned in the above first option of Applying for Duplicate PAN card of tin-nsdl.

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[Latest] Income Tax Refund Status By PAN Card And Assessment Year 2015- 2016

Looking for income tax refund status 2015-16 or if you want to know about your income tax refund status by pan card, no and assessment year 2015-2016 or this is the best step by step guide for know you income tax refund inquiry.

As per our Indian constitution, Indian citizen is provided with many facilities that are betterment of oneself and country too. The Tax that we pay are used in the development of the country and so it is the common duty of a person that are holding huge business and government jobs.

ITR refund status by pan and assessment year income tax refund inquiry

Use of the internet is growing day by day and so is the facilities made so easy by it. From filling any form to the government services, it's been so effortless work. So here in this post, you will get the answer to your question of: Know Your Income Tax Refund Status By Two Easy process and make your work hassle free rather than making complicated.

If you are facing an unneeded deduction of tax from your account, you can make sure the reasons and time duration of all those deductions. Suppose you have claimed back the refund and haven't received yet, you have options that are as follows.

As if you are using too of some ITR work, then you want to face any problem. But if you are new at this search you may get confused, because there are the couple of ways to get Income Tax refund status. 

There are many online and offline ways to get your ITR status, and hence here I have found some easy steps and guide for you. Follow this process and know your ITR status.

1. Know your ITR (Income Tax Refund Status) by PAN number and Assessment year.

The assessment year can be explained as if you have received your income and paid tax at the year 2015-2016, then your Assessment year will be 2016-2017. I hope this example made your mind clear.

Know your ITR status by PAN number and Assessment year.

The assessment year plays the vital role because you have to make an entry and that will help you to know your INR status. 

Click Here link to know  ITR (Income Tax Refund Status) by PAN number and Assessment year

2. Know ITR status by Acknowledgement Number.

PAN card number that holds 10 digits number having numerics and alphabets too. The PAN card holder receives this number according to the Income Tax department. Each tax payer has to be aware of all the details of their own PAN card. Click here to check ITR status by acknowledgment no

Know ITR status by Acknowledgement Number.

Income Tax Refund Status for Assessment Year 2015-16

Online Method To Know INR status: 

Three to Four easy steps and you are at your destiny to know the INR status of a particular year.

1) Click on the link and log in through it.

2) The PAN card number that is 10 digits needs to be add in the box given.

3) Select the assessment year that you need to search the status.

4) Submit the data and you will be navigated to the page that contains your INR status.

Whatever the data you have added, the screen will show that specific information and thus you will easily understand the INR status.

Recieve your INR status by Call or Email:

Suppose you are not an internet user, Income tax department has fulfilled your demands too. You can get a call or email that is optional. The calling number is toll-free, so you don't need to bother much and call the SBI help desk; they will provide you the INR status.

1. Call on SBI help desk number: 1800 425 9760 and enquire about income tax return status.

2. Send an email request for ITR status to or

Know Online by Acknowledgement Number:

1. Whenever you get your PAN card, you will receive Acknowledgement number along with it.

2. This acknowledgment number is needed to be added in the box that is found on the page that you have landed on.

3. You need to fill the form by adding acknowledgment number.

Image Credit: income tax info

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Qlinkgroup: Login Registration Process Supervisor Payment Proof With Review

If you are looking for make money with captcha entry work like megatypers which we called online capthca solving or typing online task here is the process and step by step guide with.

  • This post solves all the query related 
  • qlinkgroup sign up Process 
  • qlinkgroup admin panel free 
  • qlinkgroup payment Proof details 
  • qlinkgroup supervisor login 
  • qlink captcha software free download

Qlinkgroup: Login Registration Process Supervisor

Qlinkgroup:is the captcha solving site that is probably a trusted one along with the other compared sites. There is a good option for the home job seekers to earn a large amount through this captcha solving site. It pays you on time without any delays and at regular interval of time.

They have provided the option of free software and admin panel installation and for it you have to mail to the administrator of Qlink. Searching an administrator contact is quite tough.

Qlinkgroup: Login Registration admin panelBoost up your typing speed because as much as you type the captchas, the more is the chance for you to earn quickly. Minimum time it takes for one captcha to solve is 10-15 seconds. You can work as per your mood, because it is available 24 hours.

Get your payments weekly and earn extra by as many accounts you want. The pay rates varies in night time and day time. The pay rate for day time is 0.50$ to 1$ for each 1000 captcha solving and for the night time it is $1 to $1.80 same as that for solving 1000 captchas.

The process or method for adding ID in Qlink software is as follows:

Initialise the software by downloading it and detach with Winrar or Winzip. Then administer Qlinkclient.exe file.

You will find “Option”, there you have to add your Link username and password and at last save it accordingly. You are in for solving captchas and start up your work. 

The main benefit of this captcha solving site and other is the pay rate for solving 1000 captchas. Others pay about $1.40 and Qlink captchas offers you about $1.80.

As half of the users misuses this site, Qlink have its own terms and conditions to solve at least 800 captchas per week. 

The server of Qlinks works for 24 hours with same speed. The work gets initialised from Monday and you have to solve 800 perfect captchas before Sunday.

Check also : online jobs without investment in India

There are some other terms of Qlinks: 

  • Solve the captchas within 15 seconds or else you will be suspended and if it continues for long time, you will be suspended permanently.

  • As and when you want to stop the work, you have to type last image and then click Stop(ctrl+enter). This is the correct method for finishing up the work in Qlink captcha site.

  • Perfect and precise work is must I.e. you need to solve 90% of the correct captchas. 

  • If the image contains capital, then it is strictly need to be written in capital and similar for the small letters too. 

  • If the image is unreadable, there is option for that too: use question mark (?) for it.

  • Suppose the image is in coding method, you have to decode it and input the correct answer.

  • In the image if it is given sum of any two digits, then you have to answer the sum of those two digits numbers.

  • If there is space shown in image between two words, you have to write in a single word manner without leaving a space between those words.

  • Suppose two words are in image and you can visualise only one, then type the word that is visible and leave the unreadable word.

  • Be careful before typing each captcha words, because if you repeat the same mistake again and again, you will be removed from Qlink without any notice.

  • All these above mentioned terms and conditions if repeated again again or tried to make some other excuses, then your account will be banned for sure. So work with all your attention and do not repeat the mistakes.

The payment is done by PayPal account or Perfect Money. If you are an Indian user, all the Indian Banks accounts are accepted for payment. 

Perfect Money and Web Money are the options for payment that are citizens of all other country. For the payment request you have to apply on Saturday  and thereafter you will receive it on Sunday.  

after sign up you can start qlinkgroup work login here 

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Know Your PAN Jurisdiction By PAN Number [2017]

Want to know your jurisdiction by your pan card or if you are looking for your pan jurisdiction by pan card no in 2017 then check this article step by step guide given with screenshot.

Practical Guide to Know you pan jurisdiction by your pan card no

As if you are Indian citizen you must be aware of some jurisdictional functions of PAN Number. If you are searching some fruitful information, then you are at right page and I am sure you will be full of knowledge about this stuff. It will be much better if I stick to the core point rather then discussing all history.

Keep in mind PAN card is not considered as proof of Indian citizenship. It is a common need for financial purposes, transaction and initiating bank account or receiving government jobs salaries. 

PAN card is useful for the ones those are paying Income Tax. Many of us might be unaware of some authorities and rules, so hereby are the answers to your question.

First of all get your mind clear about the meaning of Jurisdiction:

 the meaning of pancard Jurisdiction:

It is a legal authority that is authorized in a particularly restricted area by courts and other constitution such as political or governmental authorities and couple of times the law enforcement agencies. There is no value of any case in the court without submitting proper jurisdictions.

Secondly, What a PAN Jurisdiction holds on:

As many as facilities are available online for PAN Jurisdiction and there are lakhs of accounts, the server might get some problems few times. Hence you may find the other way out for contacting Income Tax Department and verify about the Tax payments concerns.

At this moment and problem, you must be aware of Tax Ward and AO (assessing officer) or jurisdiction. There are various officers based on the income of citizen, and these jurisdiction officers are not permanent. Thus the assessing officer is found on basis of 10 digit code database information that is saved in Income Tax Department.

This is must information, or else it is difficult at the time if you lost your PAN card; then it is problematic to get the new or the duplicate one. So there is need of knowing about your assessing officer who might find a way out for you.

The PAN card number holds AO number, AO code, Range code, and AO code. As if the assessing officer is the most important requirement of PAN card holder because the holder is known by AO officer. You must be all aware of this, or else you may face some problems at some intervals.

As I have said in above some para, there are lakhs of PAN card holder and hence Income Department has recruited assessing officers for each Cardholder according to the city. Assessing officer evaluates and checks your payments, refunds or returning procedures.

 assessing officers pan jurisdiction

According to your city, the assessing officers are appointed and they even have the right to decide your income tax payments.

Whenever you switch on to some other places by any reason, you have to change your address and Jurisdiction AO. Mostly this problem is for married women and girls, as they change their cities after marriage they have to diversify their address.

Two Fundamental Procedures For Changing Your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer:

  • Primarily To change your address and assessing officer you need to contact your Jurisdictional officer.

  • Secondarily write an application or appeal to an Income Tax Department for changing Address and AO.

Here I have made an extremely easy step by step ways for you by inputting images so that you can get a clear idea to know your PAN card Jurisdiction:

1. Click on the log in link of income tax (

2. Suppose you have already logged in, then it is easy for you. Choose the Log in alternative and click on ‘Service’ option. You will find some choices, and here you will get the option of “Know Your Jurisdictional A.O.
Steps to know Pan Card Jurisdiction by pan no

3. Similar to other accounts, input your User Id and Password. Solve the given Captcha and move on ahead.

New User Register for know pan jurisdiction
4. Thus you are at your destination, get the details of your Jurisdictional Assessing officer.

It is mandatory to register on the e-filling website. Hence below are the steps that are processed by yourself:

1) Log in to link incometaxindiaefiling

2) On the main page, you will visualize the option of “New User Register Now”. Click on to the option.

New User Register for know pan jurisdiction

3) You will find many details that are filled by yourself and this step holds the option of choosing Individual or HUF choices. According to it input the option and click the SUBMIT button and CONTINUE.

How to Know Your Jurisdiction

4) In Step 1 option you will find of filling up the general details that are as follows: PAN, Surname, Middle Name, First Name and Date of Birth respectively.

Know your jurisdiction by pan no

5) The Step 2 asks to add information of Password, Personal detail, contact details, address and at last the captcha code. Even each of this details has more additional information that is not all mandatory.

6) Mission Successful (lol!) you will find Registration Successful.

7) You will receive OTP code in your mobile and other details will be shown as and when you click the given choices.

know your jurisdiction service tax

8) Your screen will show: Log in Id and Password Generating.

9) So, at last, you will be able to see Jurisdictional A.O by your own account.

I hope this was enough and beneficial data that is generally required for the PAN card holder.  If there are any queries, you may ask freely and drop your comments in the comment box. 

All your questions will be answered. Stay updated through these PAN Card details as it is one of the important document for entrepreneurs and salary holding people in India.

Source: income tax info

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Ad Clicking Jobs Without Investment in India 2017

If you one of those who wants to know about ad clicking jobs or want to make money with ad clicking jobs without investment then this post you have to read to get best ideas and start ad clicking work from home without registration fees

In this accessed internet world, the technology has overruled each work by their way. So it is the better notion to make worthy use of modern technology. You might have gone through some of my posts that are based on Online Jobs Without Investment. 

But a couple of days before I felt to share details on Clicking Ads Work which is one of the nicest options for the people that wants to earn from home in their free time.

Ad Clicking Jobs Without Investment in India 2017

All over the internet, you will find numerous options for Online Work, but trust me Clicking Ads work is one of the easiest options thoroughly. You can prefer this option for full time or part time work, and that too depends on the availability of time in your schedule. 

Rather than wasting time on some crap and sitting ideally, you must try few options that help you to make money from home.

What if you are getting paid for the easy-peasy work that you can perpetrate any time according to your conveniences. 

If you have the capacity after long hectic day to work for more then you must opt this choice. However it is not so tedious or pressurized work, you can work with all your comfort zone and earn peacefully through Clicking Ads Work.

The positive side of this work is; there is neither investment of money required nor any high qualifications. 

Just make a little time for the work every day and fill your pockets with some extra income. 

The more benefits are you can spend well and a good time with your family or pursue some other work along with Clicking Ads work. This work can be preferred by anyone who has some time in a day and has enthusiasm for working anywhere at any time.

Red Alert!! As this job is very easy to accomplish there are extortionists in bulk, who have their eyes on your money. I mean to say that there are scam sites that ask registration fees and money for other reasons. 

Stay away from these kind of sites, because after completion of your work these site holders do not pay you genuinely for the work. Instead, they give different excuses and do not pay a single penny for your work.

This was an awareness message, but many sites are working genuinely and paying finely to the working people. 

Hence I am here to provide an exclusive guide for this work and that are all truly working for many years. I have mentioned the legitimate sites for Clicking Ads work, you can apply on any of them and earn a real income.

The Clicking Ads work is also referred as email reading, paid to click jobs or Online clicking work. No extra skills or knowledge required but he/she must be familiar with general browsing system, and basic command of English is mandatory. 

There is no fix working hours, any time you can work. You might feel of less income as per working hours you spent in this task. But if you continue with this work and find it interesting, you can make handful amount of money through this work.

Coming to the point of How Clicking Ads Work? The multinational companies expend a large sum of money for advertising and promoting their products or goods. 

So these companies pay to the advertisers for advertising the product or the stuff they hold on. The advertising companies provide the work of clicking ads from home to the job seekers and thus promotes the given products of the concerned companies.

Ad Clicking Jobs Without Investment in India

Advertising companies are intermediary between multinational corporations and home based job seekers. Many scam sites do not pay; once the work is completed; so beware of those sites. Many sites are genuinely paying for each duration of time.

The work that you will receive is through the mail by most of the companies. 

But many of the multinational companies provides a particular page for clicking those ads which are offered by the advertising companies to you. The job appliers must have a valid email id and an internet connection to initiate this work. 

The daily ads clicking work is provided via emails on the member page. There are many ads produced at once depending on the company that can afford to advertise their products.

Click on the ads that are given and stay for 25-40 seconds, if you continue to work this way; you may gather some amount of money. But if you close the ad before the given period, your account will be nil. 

So after some duration of time, there will be money transferred directly to the site to which you have applied. If the site on which you have registered is genuine and real, then they will pay you weekly, but if it is a scam site, then there won’t be a single penny added to your account.

The most recommended sites for ads Clicking Work are:

    1)    Clixsense
    2)    Neobux
    3)    Arobux
    4)    Hitclickflow
    5)    Clickerz
    6)    BuxP
    7)    Paidverts

The ads clicking workers will receive their payment through PayPal or Payza. Get the benefit of earning from home through this Clicking Ads Work. 

Slow and steady wins the race (lol). You better keep in mind this quote, and surely you will succeed in collecting some money at the end of the month. 

Just gain some interest in the work, as you are getting to work with all your full comfort and conveniences. Keep trying in the right direction and do not feel this work as the laborious task. 
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Online Jobs For Moms From Home Without Investment 2017

Are you the woman or the housewife or stay at home mom and looking for some opportunities on the internet to make money online then this is the right place for you in this article I am going to explain you about genuine and trusted part time online work from home jobs for moms, housewife and stay at home moms.

 Legit Online Jobs For Moms From Home Without Investment

It is often said that the job of a housewife or a stay at home mom is easy and can be done by anyone. What most people, however, don't realize, is that their work is probably one of the toughest full-time jobs and the tragedy are that they don't even get paid for it. 

Moms choose to sacrifice their career for the responsibilities and duties of home that are imposed on them by the society.

However, in the day and age of modern technology, it is now possible for many such stays at home moms to fulfill their urge of working or having a career and earning a certain substantial amount so that they can contribute financially to their domestic household. Here are some options for online jobs for moms which will allow them to work from home. 

1- Online Article Writing Jobs For Moms:

Article writing jobs are available in abundance all over the Internet, and it allows various people to write about different topics which are relevant to the organizations that hire them. 

Fluency in the language which is required by the employer of the organization and correct grammar is more than enough to land a job with online article writing sites. 

The way to do this is to sign up for job portals which list work at home content writing jobs and then apply for as many as one can. 

Also, the sample of work should be sent to the employer if asked for. If one keeps at it, they will soon land their first job of virtual content writing. Moms can seriously consider this option since it will allow them to work according to their convenience and will also provide a stable income for them. 

2- Online Paid Survey Task:

A lot of organizations pay people to complete certain surveys regarding various products or just to gauge majority opinions on certain social polls. 

One such popular site is ‘Global test market’ which provides people with online shopping vouchers as incentives to complete surveys which are mailed to them on a regular basis. Although this is not technically a job, it would enable moms to receive gift vouchers which they can use to shop for goods they want. 

It is easy to find out about such survey sites online. Just conduct a basic research of few such companies and then sign up with them. Remember to read the terms and conditions before signing up for these sites. 

3-Graphic Designing Work:

This is specifically for stay at home moms who are adept in art work or graphic designing. A lot of organizations hire people to design artwork for various campaigns or for general publicity. Again this is something that can be done from home and the payment is pretty sufficient. 

The job usually requires people to create artistic content in the form of say posters, or fliers or graphics based on certain briefs that the employer provides you with.

For anyone who takes a keen interest in art or graphic designing and is good at it, this is an option that they can seriously consider. One disadvantage of this job is that it is not a stable job and requirement depends on specific projects.

 Legit Online Jobs For Moms From Home

4-Sales Jobs For Woman From Home:

A lot of companies hire housewives or unemployed people to work for the sales department of their company. The job profile mostly requires the employee to call up different people and speak to them about the company’s products and ventures. 

These are all sales calls which are made by the employees in the hope of getting more customers for their company. These calls are easy to make and don’t take up much of your time. Most companies usually provide an initial training as to how to go about making these calls. 

Mostly it requires the employee to talk about their company’s products to the potential customers and convince them to buy it. Such virtual sales opportunities can be found on many online sites, and it is something that is both challenging and pays well. 

5-Blogging From Home:

Another more rare and difficult way to make money for moms at home is to start some sort of a blog of their own that would attract a large number of audience who would be willing to pay for the content that they receive from the blog. 

These blogs can be related to fashion, advice on parenting, diet or nutrition or literally any topic under the sun. The content has to engage and unique enough so that other people take a keen interest in reading it. 

It is probably one of the hardest tasks to set up a blog and get it running and make it popular enough to actually make money by blogging, but a lot of travel bloggers and beauty and health bloggers have tried and tested this method, and with perseverance, it has worked for them. The secret is to keep at it and not give up. 

6: Online and Offline Data Entry Work-

Another great and feasible option is to land a job of data entry. It is a tedious and time-consuming job, but it is super easy at the same time. For moms who have enough time on their hands and want to take up a rather mechanical job, this idea is perfect for them. 

The first step is to apply to these jobs on various job portals. Once selected, it is absolutely imperative that the agreements on workload and payment are reached between the employer and the employee beforehand, and preferably in writing. 

Once the job starts, it will take up much of your time since it’s a lengthy and tedious job, so time management skills are important. Commit yourself to this job only if you are confident enough that you will be able to dedicate the required time. 

The world these days is bubbling with opportunities for everyone. The mandatory structure of the workplace being an office building is not there anymore. 

The flexibility in choosing career options is quite evidently present. It is thus the perfect time for the stay at home moms to seek out work and apply their skills without leaving the safety of their own homes.
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